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Keep Cool Water Conditioner | NEO Synthetic Oil

Keep Cool Water Conditioner


NEO KEEP COOL is our original powerful inhibitor with over 30 years of successful history. It is an exclusive Neo Synthetic Oils process of inhibitors concentrated to give maximum resistance to rust, corrosion and mineral deposits in water transfer systems. Sold in 8oz bottles.


Cooling water, like fuel and lubricating oil, is a consumable store, which should be carefully selected, treated and continually monitored. If this is neglected, corrosion, erosion and cavitations may occur on the waterside of the cooling systems and deposits may form which will impair heat transfer and may cause thermal overloading of the parts which must be cooled.

NEO’s Keep Cool unique formula provides better heat transfer and prevents rust, corrosion, and mineral deposits in your engine’s cooling system, especially with aluminum. Recommended by leading racing radiator companies and engine builders as a great additive.

  • Safe for all racing surfaces.  Completely safe and easy to use, non-toxic, and passes all safety tests.  Non-injurious to all metals, paints, clothing, or human skin.
  • The finest water pump lubricant; no gummy residue to clog thermostats; will not gel; cleans while you drive.  Gently extends water hose life.
  • Not affected by permanent or 4oz. regular type antifreeze solutions or by silicate drop-out in new type antifreeze.
  • Water pump lubricant; eliminates rust; eliminates mineral deposits; provides better heat transfer; extends life in aluminum radiators


  • Does not increase viscosity of water and works best when used with water only.
  • Is a powerful formula concentrated to give maximum resistance to rust, corrosion and mineral deposits on all metals while providing an excellent heat transfer.
  • Instantly goes into solution in hard or soft water to provide better cooling
  • Will not affect any rubber or neoprene hoses or packings.
  • Contains no chromates, phosphates, borates or heavy metals.
  • Protects system interiors against pitting and staining.
  • Prevents the build up of substances on the interior of cylinder blocks, liners, water pumps, impellers, heads, radiators, and water transfer systems which prevents good radiation of heat.
  • Keeps thermostats free from build-up scale.
  • Is effective in salt water.

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