Why Choose NEO Synthetics Gear Oils?

Gear Oils

The automotive and race vehicles manufactured today all require gearing of some kind to allow transfer of the engine’s horsepower to the drive wheels. Generally, the gear types are spiral bevel and hypoid. An important feature of gear lubrication is that the contact between the lubricated surface is intermittent, permitting them to be flooded with fresh lubricant between the contacts of the gears. The major function of gear lubricants, transmission and axles oils is to provide protection to the moving parts.


    A number of advantages are associated with the use of NEO synthetic gear oils:

    • Better low-temperature properties
    • Improved viscometrics at high temperature (high VI)
    • Improved thermal and oxidative stability
    • Lower volatility
    • Higher efficiency

    In automotive gears, the following application advantages should result from NEO synthetic oils as compared to mineral oils:

    • Extended service life
    • Less varnish and sludge
    • Extended bearing life
    • Improved seal life
    • Improved fuel efficiency
    • Improvement in low-temperature performance
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