Why Choose NEO Synthetics Engine Oils?

Engine Oils

Engine oils are composed of base stocks and additives. Engine oils provide crucial protection for all working parts of internal combustion engines. The main purposes of a lubricating engine oil are to provide an unbroken film of molecules that prevents metal to metal contact and to reduce friction inside the engine. Lubrication is accomplished by a combination of differential pressure supplied by the oil pump for the top of the engine and by splash lubrication supplied by the crankshaft for the lower half of the engine. The engine oil is expected to provide the following benefits:

  • Remove heat and wear particles
  • Reduce corrosion by neutralizing combustion products
  • Improve fuel economy and reduce emissions


    In contrast to mineral oils, NEO Synthetic Oil uses synthetic base stocks in its automotive lubricants which provides improved wear protection, lower volatility, and better thermal and oxidative stability. These results translate to extended drain intervals relative to a mineral oils and to fuel economy benefits. The base oils NEO OIL uses are group IV and group V.

    As a result of NEO using these synthetic base stocks, you get the highest performance standards for engine oil compared with mineral oils. These chemically derived synthetic base stocks offer numerous advantages over the mineral base stocks, such as:

    • Better oxidative and thermal stability for long service life
    • Better volatility for reduced engine oil emissions
    • No inherent contaminants to accelerate corrosion or acid formation
    • Higher saturates levels for greater soot-handling capabilities
    • Lower pour points for improved operational low temperatures
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