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History | NEO Synthetic Oil


From a youthful interest in a neighborhood sprint car to a genuine concern regarding the limitations of existing oil products, Paul Baker, Sr. developed NEO Oil to meet the ever changing needs of the automotive industry. Back in the 60′s, even the major oil companies held the philosophy that in order to improve an oil product’s performance, they needed to thicken the product. Paul realized that what was needed was a stronger product, not necessarily a heavier product (thicker was not better)! He decided to take his existing oil and experiment with some of the additives available at that time. To his satisfaction, he began to see improvement, strengthening his belief that thinner oils were the key. Following his introduction to the synthetic oils being experimented within the military, Paul saw a new direction in the development of synthetic oil for racing and automotive applications, thus NEO Oil was born. Success has been a major part of NEO’s history, and is certain to be a major part of its future. The 2-cycle oil NEO developed for Mercury Marine helped bring Betty Cook her two world championships.

NEO has also helped set land speed records including the fastest Harley Davidson (set at Bonneville). NEO helped Dale Armstrong engines set their hall of fame records. Over 50% of the European Formula 1 cars use some type of NEO product, and NEO helped the Draco team win two GM Lotus Euro Series Championships.

By 1987, every Indy Car that ran a March Engineering Gear Box at Indy used the gear oils and CV joint lubrications developed by NEO. A major breakthrough for NEO came in the late ’80′s with the development of the “0″ weight lubrication. A tribute to the value of this oil comes from the owners and drivers of the engines using this oil who state their engines look better after running this “0″ weight oil than prior to doing so, and “0″ weight helped Formula Ford win the Canadian Championship!

The future of NEO holds unlimited possibilities in the development of all types of synthetic lubrication. Products to watch include our CV joint grease, along with racing engine oils and gear oils. NEO – A leader in synthetic oils for three decades.

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